Article 1 - Constitution

The National Language of United Blingdom is English

Paragraph 1
Only citizens (or their MV's, where appropriate) whose hometown resides in a city of United Blingdom can:
- be appointed as a Government member or Mayor in United Blingdom
- receive player, mass and boat subsidies at the discretion of the Minister of Finance
- receive government loans to banks at the discretion of the Minister of Finance
- receive the gunpowder license at the discretion of the President
- receive the bodyguard degree

Paragraph 2
The following possibilities are the only ways to fire any official of the Local or National Government:
- Anyone official including the President can be fired by a Court. The firing of the official can be postponed in case of a Higher Appeal.
- A Mayor can be fired by unanimous vote of the National Government of United Blingdom.
- A Minister can be fired by the President, or by the Mayor of Coinville with the backing of 5 citizens in the Townhall.
- An FCS can be fired by the President or the Minister of Finance
- A Judge can be fired by the President. The President cannot fire any judges if himself or a Minister is involved in a requested or opened case in the National Court.
- An Officer can be fired by the Mayor of their hometown.
- Elected Officials including the Vice-President and Elected Ministers may only be fired by the President if he has the backing of the Mayor and 1 Minister.

Paragraph 3a
Government clubs are:
- UB Citizen Hall
- United Blingdom Palace
- Embassy United Blingdom
- City Hall Coinville
- UB National Court

Paragraph 3b
Government club administrators are allowed to punish perpetrators of IL Article 12 by:
- Postbanning the perpetrator for a maximum of 1 week per case
- Removing the perpetrator from the club once per case
- Banning the perpetrator from the club for a maximum of 1 week per case
- requesting fines via an officer in compliance of IL 12

Paragraph 3c
Officers are allowed to punish perpetrators of paragraph 3b of this article by issuing fines in accordance with the international law. Furthermore officers are allowed to imprison all people who match a clue from a witness description for 20 minutes after the crime took place. The clue must be posted ( with timestamp) in a United Blingdom Goverment club before it can be taken into account by an officer.

Paragraph 4
Articles 1, 2 and 3 of United Blingdom law cannot be changed by use of a regulation or without the approval of the Federal Government.

Article 2 - National Government

Paragraph 1a
United Blingdom is led by a President chosen in democratic elections organised by the Federal Government. This person will receive the President profession, and is counted as a Minister along with the Vice-President.
The Vice-President position is given to the second placed candidate. If there is no clear player to become (Vice-)President because there are 2 or more players with the most votes in the election, they decide between themselves who becomes President, Vice-President, and any remaining players Minister. If no agreement is reached then Federals break the tie.

Paragraph 1b
In the National Elections, if any player receives 5 or more votes and is not appointed as President or Vice-president, they must be appointed as a Minister and are classed as an Elected Minister, which gives them special privileges concerning firing them.

Paragraph 1c
In case at any time there is no President or they are bankrupt, there is the following Presidential line of succession;
1. The Vice-president, who is appointed immediately
2. A Minister, if voted for by a majority of the ministers within 24 hours of the vote starting
3. A citizen of United Blingdom who wins an election organised by any citizen in the townhall. Application and voting must take 24 hours each

The first voting process of option 2 or 3 finished with a winning candidate takes priority.

Paragraph 2
If there are less than 3 Ministers for over 48 hours during a round, the President is fired and the next President is chosen based on the line of succession in Paragraph 1b.

Paragraph 3a
The President can appoint up to 4 other Ministers, of which one other than the President must be in charge of the finance manager of United Blingdom.
The President will represent United Blingdom in international organisations and must setup the National Court by:
- Building the National Court
- Hiring judges. A majority of judges must have the Lawyer degree, and there must be atleast 3 total.
- Setting a protocol how to apply for a Case
- Setting a protocol on how normal cases, preliminary trials and other cases are to be handled

Paragraph 3b
If the court is not setup according to 2.3a after 72 hours of the start of the round or appointment of the President (whichever is latest), the President loses the right to vote on Treaties or law changes until it is done.

Paragraph 3c
If the court is setup according to 2.3a, to the extent permitted by law any cases between or affecting United Blingdom players must be opened there.

Paragraph 4
The President cannot be punished for not enough eligible candidates (with degrees) applying for positions of Judge or Minister.

Paragraph 5
Any Minister or the President can;
- Start and take part in voting for law change/addition proposals
- Start and take part in voting for International Treaty change/addition proposals
Any Minister, the President or the Mayor can;
- Create Supplementary Legislation based on and restricted by IL Article 11

Any minister who hasn't voted within 48 hours of a proposal being presented for voting is counted as abstaining (voting for and against). Ties during any vote after 48 hours can be decided by the President.
During the same round, accepted laws must be submitted to the Federal Tribunal and the Federal Government.

Paragraph 6
The proposals that can be changed by the national government members:
- Changing fines for committing crimes(regulation)
- Imposing fines for roadlots that are unbuilt but not for sale with fines and exemptions agreed by the National Government. The Mayor may also create this type of proposal.(regulation)
- Making additions to law that would benefit immediately with the intention of implementing into the official lawbook the following round.(guideline)

Paragraph 7
Ministers and the Mayor may post in the club 'United Blingdom Palace'.
The President maintains the clubs 'UB Citizen Hall', 'Embassy United Blingdom' and 'United Blingdom Palace'. The Mayor maintains the Townhall club.

Article 3 - Local Government

Paragraph 1
Mayors in United Blingdom are chosen based on Mayoral elections set out in International Law. The player with the most votes is the winner of the election. In case there is a draw in any United Blingdom election. The player who had the highest nethworth in the lastest results will be the winner of the draw.

Paragraph 2a
In case a city is without a Mayor during the round, the President can choose a new temporary Mayor. This Mayor holds office until a new Mayor has been chosen by the Inbetween Election.

Paragraph 2b
When the round starts without an officially elected Mayor, within the first 36 hours of the round, the President or a Minister must start an Inbetween Election. An Inbetween Election is organised in the following way:
- The President or Minister opens a topic in the UB Citizen Hall or local Town Hall which then starts a 24 hour window for candidates to apply in the topic
- In case only one citizen has joined the election after the 24 hours, that citizen will be the new Mayor automatically
- In case more than one citizen has joined the elections, a voting will start lasting 24 hours and in which only citizens of that city are allowed to vote. The citizen with the most votes received at the end will become the new Mayor, replacing any that were appointed temporarily for their town.

Paragraph 3
If one is available, Mayors should hire at least one officer with a valid officer degree to protect citizens and to enforce law.

Paragraph 4a
Mayors are allowed to disown an unbuild lot if:
-The owner has not logged in for at least the last 72 hours. For this option the lot disownment can be requested directly to the Federal Government.
-The lot is essential for the benefit of the city. For this option, the mayor must give 24 hours notice in their townhall. If there is no response in the time, the mayor can request the disownment. If the owner opens a case in court then the disownment must be delayed until the outcome of the case.

Paragraph 4b
The action of disowning a lot is done by the Federal Government taking ownership of the lot and setting it for sale at the original lot price.

Article 4 - Financial sector

Paragraph 1
The Minister of Finance is allowed to financially aid citizens up to the maximum amount defined in the international law per round.

Paragraph 2a
The level of the salaries the Minister of Finance should pay are as follows:
- President: 2000 I-Shell per day
- Minister: 2000 I-Shell per day
- Mayor: 2000 I-Shell per day
- Officer: 2000 I-Shell per day
- FCS: 2000 I-Shell per day
- Judge: 2000 I-Shells a day

Paragraph 2b
There are salary bonuses available to;
- Citizens that own a degree for their job as per International Law 8.5c. For all professions the bonus amount is 1,000 I-Shells a day.
- A citizen that is Mayor for an entire round. The bonus is 20,000 I-Shells.

Paragraph 3a
Next to the above salaries, Government Members will be fully reimbursed for building and expanding government clubs.

Paragraph 3b
The Minister of Finance is allowed to financially aid citizens up to the amount of 2500 I-Shell per individual per round. The subsidies may only be paid out after specified aid criteria has been met, and needs to have a positive effect on trade or social endeavours in United Blingdom.

Paragraph 4
Banks need to comply with guidelines set by the Minister of Finance in the club 'United Blingdom Palace'. Failure to do so will lead to warnings and/or fines up to 1% of networth per day that the guidelines are not met.

Article 5 - Fines

Paragraph 1
Intentional damage will not be tolerated on United Blingdom soil. When deemed guilty by a court, the perpetrator has to completely reimburse the victim. Reimbursement includes all damage done and lost protection in the form of door strength and bulletproof vests. All losses must have suitable proof to be valid in the claim.

Paragraph 2a
These fines are automatic and do not need involvement by an officer or FCS.
It does not matter whether actual damage has occurred or whether there was an attempt to cause damage.

Paragraph 2b
In case where damage is done to a player without a criminal status, the following fines apply:
- Robbery: 750 I-Shell + 3% of the attacker's net worth at the time of the attack;
- Shooting: 750 I-Shell + 3% of the attacker's net worth at the time of the attack;
- Beating: 550 I-Shell.

Paragraph 2c
If the victim has a criminal, gangster or criminal mastermind status, the fines change to the following amounts:
- Robbery: 750 I-Shell;
- Shooting: 750 I-Shell;
- Beating: 250 I-Shell.

Paragraph 2d
Fines for criminal activities not directly targeting players, are set as follows:
- Bombing: 1500 I-Shell;
- Bank robbery: 1,000 I-Shell;
- Theft: 500 I-Shell;
- Graffiti: 10 I-Shell.

Paragraph 3
Only an Officer or FCS from United Blingdom is entitled to hand out manual fines for violations on United Blingdom territory.

Article 6 - Education

Paragraph 1
The president or the appointed minister is allowed to hand out the following diplomas: Officer, lawyer, priest and teacher diplomas.

Paragraph 2
The cost of the diplomas can be fully paid by the goverment. This has to be approved first by the president and the appointed person in charge of the budget.

Paragraph 3
The president or the appointed minister is allowed to set up extra requirements before handing out the degrees.
These extra requirements need to be published in a club open to the public in Untited Blingdom and are only vaild for the current round.

Article 7 - Propaganda

Paragraph 1a
United Blingdom, Parish and Coinville all have their own flag. These flags will be found in the library under 'history'.

Paragraph 1b
The United Blingdom flag is made by Sesam and should be shown in the clubs 'UB Citizen Hall' and 'Embassy United Blingdom' as header.

Paragraph 1c
The Parish flag is made by viraxje and should be shown in the club 'City Hall Parish' as header.

Paragraph 1d
The Coinville flag is made Zoe gek wie sjek and should be shown in the club 'City Hall Coinville' as header.

Paragraph 2
Zoe gek wie sjek, marcelbuter, Rokta and Bossebol are the founding fathers of the country 'United Blingdom'.

Paragraph 3
The propaganda laws of article 7 of the lawbook of United Blingdom cannot be changed without the permission of at least 2 of the 4 founding fathers.

Paragraph 4
If the founders mentioned in paragraph 3 of this article have not been online for at least two rounds then paragraph 3 of this article is void.